animal production

September 3, 2020
Bienestar animal y la implicación del estrés sobre el sistema inmunológico y la producción

Animal welfare and the implications of stress on the immune system and production

Animal welfare is defined as the state of mental and physical health that allows the animal to remain in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. The […]
July 8, 2019

Minervet S.A. at the CAHE 2019

The exhibition is held annually in China Minervet S.A. attended to the China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE) held on May 18-20 2019 in Wuhan. Veterinarian Martín […]
November 6, 2018

Physiological Anatomy Blog: Pectoral thoracic muscle

The pectoralis muscle (pectoralis) is part of the thorax muscles of birds and is the largest muscle of the body. It is divided into three parts: […]
May 9, 2018

Natural antimicrobials in animal feed

The use of natural products as an alternative to drugs is marking a clear trend in animal production. A large sector of the population is aware […]